Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gnu Foods Bars

Gnu Foods makes 7 different all natural FIBER bars. These bars provide over 50% of your daily fiber intake with NO trans fat, high fructose corn syrup, or anything artificial.

Peanut butter
Lemon Ginger
Chocolate Brownie
Orange Cranberry
Espresso Chip
Cinnamon Raisin
Banana Walnut

They have around 130-140 calories per bar, 12 grams of fiber, 30-32 carbs, 4 grams of protein, and ZERO cholesterol.

My Thoughts...
I sampled these bars at Whole Foods and didn't really like them, but I decided to give them one more try! I bought a few the other day and really enjoyed the Chocolate Brownie Bar. The bar was very filling, but don't start thinking you are going to be eating something that tastes like a chocolate brownie, because it tastes nothing like that! Although, this bar doesn't taste like a chocolate brownie it is GOOD--well in its own really healthy way. It is VERY grainy (hence the 12g of fiber per bar and the blend of whole oats, flax, millet, wheat bran etc...).The chocolate taste is satisfying but not with your typical chocolate flavor. Lastly, this bar is made with chicory root which has many health benefits (Vit C, antioxidants,  feeds digestive floras in intestine, promotes blood sugar levels etc...).

I think the Cinnamon Raisin Bar is the best so far!  It was sweet with the perfect hint of cinnamon. It didn't taste as earthy as the other ones.  You would NEVER know you were eating 12g of fiber in this bar! My only concern is the ingredient wheat protein isolate. I have done some research and my understanding is that you want to eat protein concentrates NOT isolates. Here's why....

"Protein isolates are proteins stripped away from their nutritional cofactors. There are three problems with that...
  • All isolates are exposed to acid processing.
  • Your body cannot assimilate proteins in isolated form.
  • Due to over-processing, isolates are deficient in key amino acids and nutritional cofactors. (Dr. Mercola Whey Protein Powder)."

All-in-all I think that these bars are definitely eatable and tasty in their own EARTHY way. For the health benefits and low calories of these bars I say give them a shot, throw them on your morning cereal or yogurt and get that EXTRA fiber into your daily diet!

Where to Buy????
You can buy these online at, at any Natural Foods store (Whole Foods), The Vitamin Shoppe, or

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Teresa said...

Thanks for the recipe!!! Love it

btw, bird nest ( is made up of about 58% soluable proteins...the highest amoung all food and even synetic protein powders

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