Monday, June 7, 2010

What's all the Hype about Stainless Steel Water Bottles?

I don't know if you are aware of all the stainless steel water bottles being sold at almost every store, but I am! I also was almost tricked into buying an ALUMINUM water bottle, thinking it was a stainless steel bottle (DO NOT buy ALUMINUM water bottles)!!!! Well, I am going to give you a few reason why you should OWN a stainless steel water bottle and where to buy them!

1) Eco-friendly. I know everyone now-a-days is trying to be as green as possible, so let this be your first step in that direction. These water bottles are re-usable, durable, and depending on the brand you buy, recyclable. They will save on MONEY and PLASTIC.

2) Flavor Free. Stainless steel water bottles don't need a liner like their aluminum buddies, so they don't retain any flavors, odors, or tastes! The water tastes FRESH and CLEAN!

3) Dishwasher Safe. This makes for easy cleaning, but if you want to you can just use warm water and soap to rinse them out!

4) Easy to bring along. Depending on the brand you buy you can get sports caps, loops for attaching to bags, or just a simple cap! No matter which cap you choose these bottles are easy to fill up with your filtered water and bring along on any adventure!

5) CANCER FREE. As we all know plastic has many ingredients in it that causes cancer, esp if you reuse your plastic bottles, leave the bottle in your car in the heat, or re-use and wash Nalgene bottles!  Plastic has been linked to many health problems, so why not continue being healthy by staying away from as much plastic as you can (that includes Tupperware)!!! 

Where to Buy

1) Klean This is the first place I purchased a stainless steel water bottle and I have NOT been disappointed. Everything the website says is true. The 40 oz. bottles run about $25 each or $49 for 2. 

2) You can find Klean Kanteen or other stainless steel water bottles for the same price of less.

3) TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I have found a few cute stainless steel water bottles at these stores for way less. They aren't as good quality (thinner stainless steal, not as durable), but they do their job for the most part. The prices range from around $7.99-$15.99 for the smaller ones. 

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