Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Larabars were suggested by a friend for a quick, all natural treat, so I decided to check them out.  I am always skeptical of anything in a package, especially "healthy" bars.  I was shocked to find out that not only do these bars taste EXCEPTIONAL, but they are literally ALL NATURAL.  Now, you are probably thinking, "What do I mean by all natural?" or "A lot of products say they are 'all-natural' but they really aren't." Well, I am here to tell you that by all-natural I mean that the bars are made up of 100% fruits, spices, and nuts! Check them out for yourself!

The calorie count is anywhere from 190 to 240 calories. Each bar is packed with protein, vitamins, fiber, and good fats!  These bars are a great pick-me-up anytime you are in a hurry!  In every bar there is NO MORE than 2 to 6 ingredients!!!

MY favorites so far are the COCONUT CREAM PIE, and CASHEW COOKIE, but to be honest every one I have tried has been FANTASTIC! I have tried the following: Cherry pie, Jocalat chocolate cherry, & Apple pie.

Here are the nutrition facts for COCONUT CREAM PIE:
220 Calories, 11 g Fat, 7 Sat. Fat, .5 Poly Fat, 2 Mono Fat
300mg Potassium
31 Carbs, 6 g Fiber, 24 g  Sugar
3 g Protein
2% Calcium, 6% Iron, 2% Vit E, 2% Thiamin, 2% Roboflavin, 2% Niacin, 4% Vit B6, 2% Folic Acid, 6% Phosphorus, 10% Magnesium, 4% Zinc, 10% Copper

Dates, Unsweetened Coconut, Almonds, Cashews, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

I suggest taking a piece of dark chocolate and a bite of the coconut cream pie and eating it together!  It tastes just like a mound candy bar!  This is a great TREAT if you want something sweet and healthy!

Where to buy them?
-Whole Foods
-Trader Joe's
-Online @ (discounted)
-Local Health Food Stores


Elizabeth said...

I love LaraBars! I was first introduced 2 years ago when a friend showed me the ingredient list. So simple but they taste great. I think they make good pre-race snacks for runners too.

shauna said...

My favorite Larabars are german chocolate and peanut butter and jelly!

Yaya's Dream said...

I've been dying to try the German Chocolate. I love German Chocolate cake (one of my fav desserts), so I am sure I will love that one as well. Looking forward to trying something new! Thanks for your posts! I def love to hear which ones you love so I can write about them when I try them! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Kardea bars? I used to be a Larabar fan but I found that I would gobble them up in a matter of seconds and then I'd be out some 200 calories and still craving a snack. Kardea bars have this amazing chewy texture that has crunch of oats, nuts, and fruit, and they really satisfy me. They're natural (though not raw) as well as vegan, and have 7 grams of protein & fiber per bar. They also have 1 gram of plant sterols which help manage cholesterol. Awesome product.

Yaya's Dream said...

No, I have no tried Kardea bars! Can I find them at Whole Foods? They sound wonderful. I agree with you on Larabars! I eat them sooooo fast and they aren't that filling, but they are a great snack on the run and they do taste GREAT! And as far as all-natural goes, they are the BEST in that department I have found! Thanks for the suggestion and I will try those out and write about them! Thanks again and keep up the suggestions!