Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Washable Wipes- An Easy Money Saver

Babies are expensive, so if you can cut costs anywhere this is the place to start. You use a bunch of wipes throughout a baby/infants life. You use wipes to clean their hands, freshen them up after changing their diaper, clean off poop, clean of their dirty face, or sometimes just wipe them off instead of giving them a bath. So, why not use washable wipes so you can reuse them over and over again? Here's how to start.

Buy baby wash cloths (15-20) and a wipe warmer!

Dip each wash cloth into a mixture of: water, grapeseed oil (or olive or coconut), essential oil of your choice (lavendar or eucalyptus are my favorites). Add extra water to the bottom of the wipe warmer so that the wash cloths don't burn (FIRE HAZARD if not enough water is in there).

HOW TO WASH: Wash them with your regular detergent with HOT water, but add baking soda (to whiten) and distilled white vinegar (to santitize).

Make sure you clean out your wipe warmer each time. The oil will add a film to the bottom of the wipe warmer so just scrub it off! Super easy to clean.

Set aside a few wipes for your child's hands, feet, and body as well! The grape seed oil will help prevent or minimize diaper rash and moisturize your babies skin at the same time. The essential oil smells amazing while adding a non-toxic, good smell to your baby!

Easy enough even for working moms and saves you a lot of money in the long run (because essential oil lasts a long time)!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Getting Back At It

Things have been quite crazy in my household these days; however, I knew I needed to get back into spreading the good news of holistic health--so my BLOG is back!! I want everyone to read up on alternative ways to heal, instead of always thinking that they need to run to the doctor's office. I also want people to be informed on the scary new things that are going on with our government and our food supply. If you know what you are/should be eating then you will discover how much better you feel and how many cravings naturally disappear.

Get ready for informative, holistic information that you can apply to your everyday life gradually. I look forward to hearing from everyone and spreading all the good news of eating from the ground up! Send me your feedback :)