Friday, September 3, 2010

Vitamins EVERY PERSON Should be Taking!

Every person should be taking these 4 supplements DAILY:

1) Vitamin D3
2) B12
3) Chlorella
4) CoQ10

These four vitamins and minerals are essential to living a truly healthy life! These 4 supplements help reduce the signs of aging, help boost your energy, detoxifies your liver, keeps you mentally focused, and so much more!! 

Vitamin D3 is essential for bone health, immune system support, and reduces/minimizes skin cancer. Vitamin D3 is hard to get in your everyday life, that is why a supplement is necessary. I suggest liquid Vitamin D3 or softgels for optimal absorption. Read my D3 Blog Post. I take the following D3: Vit. D3 and/or Vit D3 softgels.
B12 is for overall energy. Have you noticed all of the 5-hour energy commericals? Well, the key components are B vitamins. B12 helps prevent anemia by helping with the production of red blood cells, aids in metabolizing proteins, carbs, and fats, and it also helps develop nerve cells. I like the B12 supplements that dissolve under your tongue. They go directly into your blood stream and are readily absorbed! Trader Joe's has some that I like because they do not contain magnesium sterate!

Chlorella is nature's perfect superfood. Chlorella naturally detoxifies your body and supplies you with essential daily nutrients. I suggest Chlorella Sun A granule packets. Here is a link that will give you more details on this beneficial and necessary superfood: Chlorella.

CoQ10 is a naturally occurring compound in your body; however, most people are low in this. Taking a CoQ10 supplement helps with a lot of conditions, such as, cancer, heart problems, boosts energy, and helps restore your body after exercise. If you are healthy you can just take the recommended dose; however, if you have or have had skin cancer or other diseases that deplete CoQ10 you can take a little more (200 mg). CoQ10 has been linked to helping prevent Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

I have been taking the above supplements and I personally believe that CoQ10 and Vit D3 have decreased sun burns. I have noticed that I don't need as much sunscreen after taking these for months. I have read in my Life Extension magazines that these two supplements act as an internal sunscreen. More info will be coming on if that is a proven fact or not!

Things to remember when choosing/ordering your supplements:
1) Make sure there is no magnesium sterate in the ingredients
2) Order softgels or liquids OVER capsules and tablets. 
3) You should be getting MOST to ALL of your vitamins and minerals from your everyday diet (i.e. greens, fruits, fresh squeezed juice), so make sure your body is depleted of that vitamin/mineral before you take it!

I order all of my supplements from This website has the best products, for the best price!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Want to Lose Weight?

The typical American has no idea what is in their food. They think that since the foods in their grocery stores are edible, they are okay. Well, I am here to inform each and everyone of you that if you ELIMINATE these 5 things that you WILL LOSE weight and start leading a healthier life:

1) High Fructose Corn Syrup (minimize FRUCTOSE in any form: fruit, honey, agave nectar etc...)
2) Artificial Sweeteners (Splenda, Aspartame, Equal, diet sodas)
3) Trans Fats (partially hydrogenated and fully hydrogenated oils)
4) White, starchy foods (white bread, white flour etc..)
5) MSG

These four things are making Americans fatter and more unhealthy each and everyday. You need to read ALL of your ingredient labels and make sure that none of these ingredients are in your foods.

Trans Fats are VERY tricky because they will list ZERO trans fat on the nutritional label, but it will contain partially hydrogenated oils in the ingredients. This is because if food has less than .5g of trans fats in their product they can list the product as having ZERO trans fats. The problem here is if you eat MORE than one serving, which most Americans do, then you will be consuming multiple grams of trans fat.

Artificial sweeteners are extremely poisonous to your body. Not only are they extremely harmful chemicals, they trick your body into thinking it is receiving calories when in reality you aren't. See my post on Aspartame.

White starchy foods are empty calories with no nutrition.  They bleach the flour, which chemically alters the ingredients they use in your food.