Friday, October 7, 2011

Natural News--12 Steps to Save America

After reading the below article I just HAD to share it with all of my family and friends. It is so important for each and every one of us to try to implement the below steps the best we can! I know it is hard during these economic times, but if each and everyone of us gradually make a lifestyle change we won't even know what hit us because we'll feel so wonderful. If we want a healthy world for future generations then we need to take drastic measures to ensure that we ourselves are getting healthy :) Enjoy...

By: Mike Adams @ Natural News

So how can we really save America with nutrition? It all starts with you and your family. Follow these 12 steps to unleash a new era of health and wellness in your own life:

Step 1) Stop rewarding manufacturers of processed foods, junk foods, sodas and pharmaceuticals. Simply refuse to buy their products.

Step 2) Greatly increase your purchases of fresh, organic produce. Get yourself a juicer (I like the Breville brand) and drink a fresh juice smoothie every day. Teach your children to eat more fresh produce.

Step 3) Supplement your diet with health-enhancing superfoods and nutritional supplements. You may wish to include nutrient-dense algae products like spirulina, blue-green algae, chlorella and astaxanthin (my addition: Organic, raw wheat grass)

Step 4) Greatly increase your intake of Omega-3 oils. I take Moxxor's Green-Lipped Mussel oil as well as consuming wild salmon from time to time.

Step 5) Get a lot more sunshine: Your body (and your mind) needs sunlight. It generates the vitamin D that helps prevent cancer, depression, diabetes and heart disease.

Step 6) Boost your physical exercise. Studies repeatedly show that even moderate exercise (walking 3 times a week, for example), has a drastic reduction on rates of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Step 7) Exercise your brain: Learn a new language, play strategy games, read books or do something active with your brain to keep all the neurons firing. This is all much easier when your brain is powered by superfoods, by the way.

Step 8) Avoid medications. Prescription drugs are poison. If you're currently taking meds, work with a naturopathic physician to safely get off those meds and heal your body through nutrition (or other natural therapies).

Step 9) Avoid hospitals. A hospital is one of the most dangerous places you can go. They're filled with antibiotic-resistant superbugs, for one thing. Your risk of being harmed at a hospital is much higher than what you might expect. Unless you're suffering from an acute, dangerous condition requiring emergency medical care, make an effort to stay away from hospitals. (My recommendation: Try researching homeopathic, holistic cures for your aliments--I use them and there is a NATURAL cure out there for everything)!

Step 10) Embrace your own natural healing potential! Recognize that your immune system is a technological miracle. Your body is a self-repairing biological marvel. When given the right resources (nutrition, superfoods, etc.), your body can work healing miracles.

Step 11) Thank yourself for taking the time to invest in your own good health by reading this report. Give yourself a healing reward such as a glass of fresh orange / carrot juice or a delicious superfood smoothie.

Step 12) Forward this special report to 3 friends, family members or coworkers you know who might benefit from this information. Spread the word about nutrition and you'll be taking part in a wave of healing that can sweep across our planet as people reawaken to the healing powers of plant-based nutrients. (The web address to forward to your friends is displayed below.)

Thank you for reading!

About the author: Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, currently lives in Vilcabamba, Ecuador where he grows and consumes a large assortment of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables ( The creator of the Health Revolution Petition (, Adams believes in individual liberty, personal responsibility and natural healing. His mission is to share natural health secrets with the world with the hope of unleashing of a new golden age of health and healing that uplifts human civilization. He founded NaturalNews in 2003 and remains its editor today.

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