Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Neti Pot, Holistic Approach to Clearing up Allergies, Earaches, & Sinuses

History of the Neti Pot
The neti pot was used in India during their yoga practices. They would use the neti pot to clear the nasal passages since clear breathing is essential to yoga. The neti pot was introduced to the West only about 30 years ago!

What is a Neti Pot?
A neti pot is a small pot that is used to clear out a persons nasal passages. You mix warm water with a saline solution  (do not use regular table salt, it can be too harsh on your nasal passages) together in the neti pot and pour through your sinus cavities.

How to Use
Mix warm water and 1 tsp of the saline solution (I usually add a little more). Place the pot in your nostril and tilt your head slightly to the side and forward (you should be at an angle where the solution will pour through your sinus cavity and out your other nostril WITHOUT going down or burning your throat)! BREATHE through your mouth.  Practice this until you get the perfect angle. I do half of the pot and then use the other half on the other nostril. If you are really clogged up do the process again!

Neti pots help relieve allergies, prevent allergies, help treat hay fever, nasal problems, colds, and mild sinus infections. Anytime I feel a cold or allergies coming on I use this! Even on those days where I just wake up stuffy I use the neti pot to just relieve my stuffy nose and help me breath better!

My Opinion?
I think every household should own one of these! They are inexpensive (I bought the plastic-travel one from Whole Foods along with a bag of neti pot salt for about $13), easy to use, studies have proven that it works, and it just feels good to have your nasal passages cleaned out every once in a while!

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