Friday, September 2, 2011

Kaia Foods--quick and healthy snacks


I found this wonderful product at my local whole foods market. The only Kaia Foods products I have tasted are the sprouted and dried sunflower seeds (teriyaki, sweet curry, and cocoa mole). All three flavors are excellent. Teriyaki has a very light flavor that focuses more on the natural flavor of the sunflower seeds than the spices, but that teriyaki after taste is definitely prevalent . The sweet curry has an initial sweet taste, but right away you get the kick from the cayenne pepper which makes this one my FAVORITE! The cocoa mole has a light cocoa flavor, but the best part of this treat is the spicy cayenne kick and the chocolate cocoa flavors being mixed together in your mouth. These snacks are perfect to leave at work for a healthy snack between meals or fantastic addition to that boring old salad.

The buckwheat granola looks fantastic. I hope that I can find it at my whole foods or local health market and give you a review on that as well. 

 Ingredients: sprouted sunflower seeds*, raw agave nectar*, curry powder*, wheat-free tamari*, cumin powder*, garlic powder*, cayenne pepper*, and sea salt. (*organic)

Ingredients: sprouted sunflower seeds*, raw agave nectar*, raw cacao powder*, vanilla extract*, cayenne pepper*, and sea salt. (*organic)

 Ingredients: sprouted sunflower seeds*, wheat-free tamari*, raw agave nectar*, ginger powder*, garlic powder*, and cayenne pepper*. (*organic)

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