Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Natural Approaches to Feeling Better Fast

Sick? Getting Sick? Not Anymore....

Everyone gets a cold every now and again; however, if that cold and your immune system aren't treated, it could turn into something worse! Here are some of my homemade remedies and suggestions for kicking that colds booty before it gets any worse and to keep you from taking those horrible store bought pills/supplements that just heal your symptoms and not the underlying root of the problem.

1) Daily Neti Pot This helps clear out allergens in your nasal cavity, especially during these high pollen months. I swear by this natural process. If it doesn't go through the first time blow your nose and keep trying. Use the warmest water your nose can stand to break up the clogs and send it all down the drain.
Check out my netipot blog post:

2) Up your Vitamin D3 amount. I recommend 5000 ius daily, but you can take up to 10,000. If you want to build up your immune system up your dose and get out into the sunshine!

3) Liquid Colloidal Silver. I swear by this stuff. The minute you think you might be coming down with a cold take a swig of this stuff. Take it a few times a day and it will not only build up your immune system, but it will kick the cold symptoms by killing the bad bacteria. Even if you are already sick start taking this to help heal your body quicker. If you have any wounds or cuts put this on it to heal them as well.

4) Apple Cider Vinegar If you can't stand to take a shot of this by itself then make my homemade tea recipe. This is a fantastic way to fight colds and again, build up your immune system. Make sure your ACV is RAW, UNPASTEURIZED, and UNFILTERED.

ACV Tea:
1/3 cup Raw, unpasteurized and unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Tbsp Raw Honey
Splash of lime juice
Fill coffee mug with HOT WATER
Drink this 2-4 times daily until cold symptoms get better :)

5) Eat fresh, organic fruits and veggies. Since fruit turns into fructose keep it to ONE PIECE of fruit daily. Stick to only those that are VERY high in Vitamin C (oranges, strawberries, clementines, kiwi). I also recommend eating a lot more Kale, Bell peppers, Thyme, Parsley, and Broccoli before and during your cold.

6) Zinc

7) Limit and/or eliminate sugar and alcohol during cold.

8) Raw Garlic eat one clove of garlic one to two times a day (DO NOT TAKE GARLIC PILLS--not the same). If you don't want to smell like garlic then mince it up and swallow it like a pill, but if you are like me and can eat raw garlic like its going out of style then chew a few pieces a day and you'll strengthen your immune system and fight that cold faster than you thought.

9) Sleep!!!

10) Exercise Get that heart pumping and that sweat going! Sweating is great because it gets rid of your internal toxins healing your body from the inside out.

11) Sauna

12) Swig Salt Water for sore throats or strep. Mix salt into luke warm water and stir until salt is dissolved. Put as much salt as you can handle. Do this multiple times a day.  

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