Friday, December 16, 2011

The down and dirty with GMOs

Every time I turn around there is another warning against consuming Genetically Modified (GMO) Foods. Well, that warning is great, but what are GMO foods and where do I find them?

Genetically Modified Foods (GMO):
GMO foods are genetically engineered (plant altered DNA) to look and taste like the real thing, but there DNA has been altered to be pesticide resistant, virus resistant, weather resistant, and/or nutrient injected (add vitamins and minerals that usually are not in that product).GMO foods are being fed to the cows & chickens we eat everyday, which means that without even knowing it, you are eating GMO foods.

If you are eating the following foods/ingredients, you are most likely eating GMO foods:
1) Soy (95% of soy is GMO)
2) Corn (90% of corn is GMO)
3) Cottonseed oil
4) Alfalfa sprouts
5) Hawaii Papaya
6) Zucchini
7) Canola Oil (90%)
8) Rice
9) Crooked Neck Squash
10) Sugar from sugar beets
11) KASHI products (
12) 365 Corn Flakes
13) Barbara's Puffins
14) Mom's Best Naturals

Known Side Effects:
  • Organ Disruption (liver, kidney, and heart damage)
  • Sterility
  • Allergies (esp food allergies)

Shopping Non-GMO Guide:

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