Friday, April 29, 2011

Quick Healthy App :)

Last night I wanted a healthy, quick meal. I looked in my fridge and discovered I needed to eat some things before they went bad and before we left on our trip, so I came up with the following healthy recipe that tasted amazing!


Zucchini Sandwich
Raw Organic Zucchini, sliced round
Green oninons
Organic reduced-fat cream cheese
Smoked wild caught Salmon
Organic Tomatoes
Water Crackers

There are a few ways to put this together. First, put some cream cheese on the cracker, add a round zucchini slice, tomato slice, few green onions, and a slice of smoked salmon. Enjoy!

Or if you want all veggies and a carb free meal try it this way.

Take two slices of zucchini, spread cream cheese on zucchini, add green onions, slice of smoked wild caught salmon, and place the other zucchini slice on top. Add a toothpick if you want to put these out as an app!

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Anonymous said...

WHAT AN AWESOME IDEA!!!Perfect for summer! Adding this one to the lunch list!