Monday, December 7, 2009

Friend's Choice Awards

I'm always curious to get YOUR feedback and opinions on things I write about.  Over the past couple of days I asked the following questions to my friends on Facebook:

1) Has anyone ever had a Turducken? Did you like it better than a reg. turkey?  

People who have had Turducken like it and usually keep getting them every Thanksgiving.  Definitely recommended for your next big family gathering!!!! 

My family is getting ANOTHER Turducken for Christmas!  It was just that GOOD! :) 

2) Wines you would recommend?

  • Naked Mountain Chardonnay (VA wine)
  • Schug chardonnay (Sonoma CA-total wine usually has it)
  • Tarara Wild River Red wine (VA)
  • Wintergreen Winery Mill Hill Apple (VA)
  • Any wine by Ledson winery (Sonoma CA- prob online only)
  • Delfosse Winery Petit Manseng or Viognier Reserve (VA)
  • Mountain Cove Vineyards Sky Line Rose (VA) 

3) What ways do you incorporate exercise into your daily routine--esp if you can't make it to the gym that day?

Right when you get home change and go for a run and/or take your dog(s) running.  That way you get in your workout before you get too comfortable being at home.


Clean the house and carry heavy things up and down the stairs.

4) What classes at the gym would you recommend?  

Body pump, Cycling, and Abs classes.

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