Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Best Organic Shampoo & Conditioner

I've tried a ton of organic, all natural shampoos and conditioners and I haven't liked any up until now. Most of the other products left my hair feeling stiff and dry, but Lily of the Desert Aloe Organics Daily Shampoo Aloe Lemon and Rosemary shampoo and conditioner refreshes my hair leaving it soft and shiny.  These products are recommended for all types of hair.  It smells fantastic and it's FREE OF parabens, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, and animal by-products. 

I buy Lily of the Desert from Shampoo is $5 and the conditioner is $4.50.

If you give it a try let me know how you like it! :)


Melissa said...

Great post all natural products are best. Natural organic shampoo is the best for your hair.
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Stephen Hutch said...

Great review!
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Thomas Svendsen said...

Thanks for sharing!

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