Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Benefits of Seaweed and How to Get It Into Your Diet!

My new healthy snack and addition to most of my lunches are TJ's Roasted Seaweed snack.
In half of the pack there are only 30 calories, 20% Vit C, 2% Iron, and 8% Vit. A. Each pack is only .99 cents and they add something new and exciting to any snack or lunch. Check out all of seaweeds health benefits: Ocean Veggies

Seaweed Sandwich
Add your favorite lunch meat & cheese to the seaweed squares, roll and enjoy!

Smoked Salmon Seaweed Wrap
Add smoked salmon, cream cheese, green onion, roll it up, and enjoy!

Avocado Seaweed Wrap
Add avocado, roll it up and enjoy!

Feel free to get as creative as you want! If you think of anymore ideas or recipes please post them! Thanks!

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