Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Green Beans as a Snack?

Okay, so many of you know that I am trying to limit (NOT eliminate) the amount of gluten in my diet. I don't have a wheat intolerance. I am just doing this for my health.  It has been hard, but I have been able to find some good snacks in the process. One of them being GREEN BEANS!

Many people don't think about picking up green beans as a snack, but I found some that will make you do just that! Crunchy Green Beans @ Trader Joe's! If you are chip eater like myself, then these will definitely satisfy your salty and crunchy cravings. They have good fat, 4g of fiber, and 15% Vit A. All-in-all these green beans make for a delightfully light, semi-healthy snack minus the fact that they are not organic and are cooked/fried in canola oil!!

3/4 cup (4 servings per bag)
130 calories
4.5 g fat
1.5g PolySat
2.5g MonoSat
20g carbs
4g of fiber
5 g of sugar
2g of protein
15% Vit A
4% Calcium
4% Iron

Ingredients: green beans, Canola oil, dextrin (tapioca starch), salt.

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