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Vaccines: More Harmful than Helpful?

 Have you noticed that their are more children and adults with allergies, health issues, skin problems, crohn's disease, ADD, ADHD, and even more serious problems like autism? After doing a lot of research I have come to a conclusion that there is a contributing factor to all of these health issues---Vaccines!

Since we were little we have been told that vaccines are necessary to keep us strong and healthy; however, I have found that the more I research the more I discover this is not the truth and here is why.

Vaccines Cured Polio Didn't They?

There's an age old theory that says "vaccines eradicated polio in the 1940's" and if we don't vaccinate ourselves and our children then another horrible outbreak will occur just like it did in the '40's; however, this can not be further from the truth. Cutter Labs created a polio vaccine that was given to a large population of adults and children, but it actually contained a LIVE POLIO VIRUS that ultimately started a huge polio outbreak.[The Cutter Incident: How America's First Polio Vaccine Led to the Growing Vaccine Crisis by Dr. Paul A. Offit, M.D.]  Polio was already declining in the U.S. and Europe during the 40's and  50's, as well as in England, where polio moralities was at its height in 1950, but had declined 82% by 1956, before the Salk vaccinations began. Paralysis started to rise only after the Salk vaccine had begun in April 1955. It proved to be so hazardous that by November 1955, all European countries, with the exception of Denmark, had cancelled or discontinued their Salk vaccine programs. "It is evident that the vaccine failed," Dr. Herald R. Cox of Lederle Laboratories said. Polio cases rose about 300 to 400% in these 5 places that made the Salk vaccine compulsory by law:
  • North Carolina: 78 cases in 1958 before compulsory shots. 313 cases in 1959
  • Connecticut: 45 cases in 1958 before compulsory shots. 123 cases in 1959
  • Tennessee: 119 cases in 1958 before compulsory shots. 386 cases in 1959
  • Ohio: 17 cases in 1958 before compulsory shots. 52 cases in 1959
  • Los Angeles: 89 cases in 1958 before compulsory shots. 190 cases in 1959
[Salk's Vaccine Did Not Stop Polio

Polio cases also began to soar in 1948-9 when pertussis vaccines began. In short, humans require an  alkaline-forming diet for health. An acid-forming diet causes disease. There is evidence to show that in all cases of polio, there is a deficiency in blood calcium. What lowers blood calcium? Acid-forming foods (practically everything except raw fruits and vegetables). [Salk's Vaccine Did Not Stop Polio]

Dr. Viera Scheibner, a Principal Research Scientist (Retired) in Australia and noted critic of vaccination, wrote in 1999:  Polio has not been eradicated by vaccination, it is lurking behind a  redefinition and new diagnostic names like viral or aseptic meningitis. When the first, injectable, polio vaccine was tested on some 1.8 million children in the United States in 1954, within 9 days there was a huge epidemic of paralytic polio in the vaccinated and some of their parents and other contacts. The US Surgeon General discontinued the trial for 2 weeks...According to one of the 1997 issues of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), there are some 30,000 to 50,000 cases of viral meningitis per year in the United States alone. That's where all those 30,000-50,000 cases of polio disappeared to after the introduction of mass vaccinations. One must also be aware that polio is a man-made disease since those well-publicized outbreaks are misrepresented and were causally linked to intensified diphtheria and other vaccinations at the relevant time. [Salk's Vaccine Did Not Stop Polio]

What Additives are in Vaccines
1) Aluminum 
2) Mercury (aka Thimerosal)
3) Formaldehyde
4) Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

 CDC website regarding vaccines:
  • "Chemicals are added to vaccines to inactivate a virus or bacteria and stabilize the vaccine, helping to preserve the vaccine and prevent it from losing its potency over time."
  • "Preservatives and stabilizers to help the vaccine remain unchanged (e.g. albumin, phenols, and glycine)."
  • "Adjuvants (a pharmacological agent added to a drug to increase or aid its effect and an immunological agent that increases the antigenic response) or enhancers the help the vaccine to be more effective."
CDC claims that the chemical amounts in the vaccines are "safe at these doses;" however, if you read their website regarding aluminum you will find that if your liver does not eliminate aluminum it WILL start to accumulate in your body overtime. On the contrary, the EPA states that these chemical levels FAR EXCEED what is toxic! [Natural News, Dr. Suzanne Humphries video]

In 2001 CDC claimed the following [Natural Life News, "Vaccinate or Vacci-not? Who Can you Trust"]:  
  • Vaccines are NOT responsible for the eradication of diseases, such as polio and smallpox
  • Vaccines have NOT proven to be safe for the individual
  • When a vaccine is called "effective," it's not the same as being "protective."
  • Vaccines are NOT relatively harmless.
 Can It Get Any Worse????

The vaccines that we inject into our bodies have been tested on monkey ball and kidney cells to warrant their safety; however, monkeys harbor many diseases that we don't even know about. Monkeys carry a lot of unknown diseases and once the monkey cell culture enters the human body it could, can, and has created viruses/infections/diseases that we never knew existed. Ultimately vaccines are CREATING MORE viruses instead of curing the already existing ones! [Natural News, Dr. Suzanne Humphries video]
I will write more regarding the accusations that Wakefield's studies are incorrect and fraudulent, but for now I will just say that the tests preformed in his book regarding vaccinated monkeys and non-vaccinated monkeys showed that the non-vaccinated monkeys preformed at a higher rate than the vaccinated monkeys. Also, many people have posted documents to prove Wakefield's innocence and refute the British Medicine Journal (BMJ).  [Story on Wakefield on ABC's Good Morning America] 

[History: Andrew Wakefield Wikipedia]
[Natural News: Dr. Andrew Wakefield Sues BMJ for Defamation]  
[Dr. Wakefield'd Ongoing Investigation
[Dr Mercola Wakefiled Interview--Link between Austism, vaccines, and GUT FLORA]

If I Choose Not to Receive Vaccines How Do I Make Sure I Stay Healthy?  
The reason vaccines look so appealing to the majority of people is because they are always getting sick. Most people want to do everything they can to PREVENT getting sick and they think that vaccines are actually helping them do this; however, vaccines actually WEAKEN the already weak immune system by causing our C-Reactive Proteins (CRPs which measure the inflammation in your body) to rise.  Vaccines create a bodily inflammation response that make the T and B cells (white blood cells) function ABNORMALLY. Most Americans ALREADY have weak immune systems because they are full of chemicals and toxins from their daily diet (Fast Food, no veggies, non-organic products, packaged snacks etc..), so weakening that immune system even more causes greater harm on the bodies natural response to fight off disease; hence, an increase in allergies, ADD, ADHD, and even autism. 

Do I believe that vaccines are the reason we have an increase in all of the above health problems? No, I do not believe that they are the sole reason, but I do believe that based on my research, they are a contributing factor to health issues that are facing this country right now. If we as individuals, can keep our constitutional rights to stand up for what we personally think is best, then I believe that we will be providing a healthier future for our children by creating healthier immune systems that do not rely on poisonous and toxic vaccinations. 

But there are ways to change this and fill our bodies with what it needs the most: 
Natural Defense Against Diseases and Toxins 
  1. Probiotics (RAW cow and goats milk/yogurt, veggie capsules that contain the DDS-1 strain)
  2. Digestive Enzymes 
  3. Detox twice a year
  4. Detox liver (dandelion tea, milk thistle, chlorella)--necessary if on prescription medicines, antibiotics, been exposed to mercury or aluminum and want to get them out of your system.
  5. Acupuncture
  6. Organic diet (grass fed, no hormone beef/chicken, organic fruits and veggies)
  7. Eliminate daily toxins and chemicals (bring your lunch instead of eating out, use glass instead of plastic, NEVER use the microwave, minimize use of canned foods, eat only WILD caught fish, DON'T eat fish while pregnant etc...)
  8. Drink pure water (osmosis water is best)
  9. D3 supplements and sun exposure
  10. Exercise
  11. Natural body products (lotions, creams, face wash, make-up, shampoo/conditioner, body wash)
  12. Minced Raw garlic daily (mince FRESH organic garlic and swallow like a pill daily)
  13. Include in diet as often as you can: Ginger, onions, and raw organic herbs
  14. Don't be too clean! Exposing yourself to germs helps build up your bodies immunity to them.(Don't use hand sanitizer all of the time)!
  15. Stay AWAY from ALL Genetically Modified Foods (GMO)
Vaccines destroy and weaken an already WEAK immune system by adding toxins to an already toxic environment. Instead, make a lifestyle change and strengthen your immune system naturally, so that your body can start to fight off diseases and viruses FOR GOOD!

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    Just a little scare tactics the other way- why expose your children to this? . Vaccines are the number one health advance in the last two centuries. Don't be fooled into not getting vaccines.